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About Live Etah


“It’s only a book until someone loses their soul!”


Live Etah is a spectacular, intense, full-length, rare poetry novelty where the realm of supernatural and the world of reality on earth collide, reminding all mankind that no one is perfect, and we are never alone. With over thirty pages, Realistic Poetry International truly displays their genuine love for not only the art of poetry, but also the art of storytelling and literature! Seamlessly combining the two forms to ultimately create a unique, adventurous, provoking and unpredictable poetic tale that takes you and your mind’s eye through some of life’s most shocking trials and life-altering tribulations. Characters Jacob, Nicky, and Troy each battle an inner-demon named, Etah, who sadistically leads them each to their own prophesied fate, according to good or evil, while depicting some of the most controversial and tragic situations that afflict our beautiful planet earth. And it doesn’t stop here! This book travels deep down into the pits of hell into an afterlife of deformed satyrs, lava-filled urns, humpback witches, and spliced creatures desperate for company! Seeking as many souls as possible, Etah’s mission of diabolical destruction on earth is challenged when one of her assignment’s heart is put to the ultimate test. Mental and physical pain looms over all three characters as they must face their transgressions and inadequacies to discover the root of their life’s mystery- before Etah collects the most valuable gem they own…their soul!


It is the premier to the first of a new stunning series that is not only made to entertain, but also to emphasize a powerful message to all humanity about morals and explore the depths of worldly and spiritual conflict. This book is definitely a must read.


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